Tractor: This is the Palouse


Well here I am looking very farm-wife-like, not gussied up for anything, but appropriate for the dirty job of helping move farm machinery. I will be retiring from my career as a librarian in August to pursue full-time writing. Well, writing plus what will more-than-likely be a half-time job helping move farm machinery during the busy seasons: spring and fall planting (tractors and farm implements) and summer harvest (combines and trucks). When I help move things, I am a flagger in a pickup--either the front, or the rear, flagger.

We rent about half of the ground we farm, which means farming acreage in about seven different locations. It frequently means being out on the main highway between Pullman and Spokane to get to one of the places we farm. Last Friday when I helped my husband and son move the sprayer, we had to pull off to the side of the highway three times to let traffic go by. We generally pull off the highway when there is a line of about 25 vehicles behind us. Tractors move at only about 9-13 mph maximum.

We have a variety of farm tractors, but this one is the Big Daddy. If I were to stand in front of one of the wheels, it would be taller than I am (5'4"). The nose is many, many, many feet taller than I am, as you can see. In order to get into a tractor, as well as a combine--you guessed it--you must climb an attached ladder.


  1. Hi Catherine, thanks for visiting my blog. A to Z is fun, isn't it? I love tractors and farming and farmers! :) My grandparents were farmers in Texas. I miss the Sunday dinners with their home-made butter, home-grown chicken (fried, of course) and egg custard pies. Memories like this make me hate progress but ... I'm already spoiled so can't turn back the clock. Hey, if you go to Harlequin's website, they're starting a new line that seems similar to the Silhouette Romance.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my tenacious friend. Enjoyed your blog. I live in farm country and on my mother's side they were all dairy farmers. Me, I just tell the stories.

  3. i also do love farm machinery tractors and farming and farmers! because it very important for our life. i think we should do something those.

  4. It's nice you can look forward to retirement and more writing and reading time but it sounds like the farm life will be keeping you plenty busy!


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