Steptoe Butte: This is the Palouse

Steptoe Butte:

Steptoe Butte is the tallest landmark in our area, apart from Moscow Mountain. It is a State Park, with a long and winding road to the top. The view from the top is beautiful. 

When hang gliding was the craze, people used to hang glide off of the top of Steptoe Butte. We used to like to go and watch them. 

Wikipedia has this to say about Steptoe Butte: 

The rock that forms the butte is over 400 million years old, in contrast with the 15–7 million year old Columbia River basalts that underlie the rest of the Palouse. Steptoe Butte has become an archetype, as isolated protrusions of bedrock, such as summits of hills or mountains, in lava flows have come to be called steptoes.

In contrast, the island of Hawaii, which is still forming, is only one-half of one-million years old

(Ain't that amazing?) 

This picture was taken from our River Ranch, which is about 10 miles from the Butte. 


  1. Once again, beautiful area you live in...and great history!

  2. It looks cool. Yeah, for hang gliders they have one place only in that area. By the way, I doubt the age of the place being 400 million years old. Nevertheless, it looks beautiful. What about the winter? Do you have pics of it then?


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