Quilting: This is the Palouse


It should come as no surprise that quilting is huge in the Palouse. There are several fabric stores whose quilt fabric selection is to die for. One of the quilting clubs has its own website: The Palouse Patchers.

My friend Iris has been instrumental in providing quilts for CASA, or children in foster care in the area.
Last Saturday, the Palouse Patchers held their annual quilt show at the Latah County Fairgrounds.

Quilters came from all around. There were many prize-winning quilts. Being someone who is more interested in color as a concept than in quilts, my favorite exhibit was the challenge where members of the Patchers drew a color out of a hat and were then to design a wall hanging that included all values and intensities of that hue. In other words, light to dark and dull to bright. The result was to be able to "read" the selected hue from a 10' distance. Minute amounts of the hue's complementary color could be used.

Some of the examples, above.

My friend Iris's example, below. She drew the color turquoise, which was a color she seldom uses in her quilts, and so it was a real challenge for her to work with that new color.


  1. Beautiful craft work here! I'm partial to quilts since my mom is a quilter and has done beautiful work herself. Here in Ohio we have "quilt barns." Various homeowners throughout the state have painted their choice of a favorite quilt square on their barns--we've hopped in the car and gone on tours, just tooling around an area to see them.

    Quilts are their own kind of art form...

  2. Lots of posts on quilting! My grandmother made quilts, and I still have mine she made me when I was 4 or 5. I even have an antique quilt rack I put it on. I am afraid to use it since it is so old.

    I am trying to read all the A to Z blogs, but coming back to the ones I really like.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do all month!

    The Other Side
    The Freedom of Nonbelief

  3. I've never tried quilting, yours look great! I've noticed lots of fun posts on quilting today.

  4. Oh, I LOVE quilts. I've made a rag quilt out of pastel flannels that my entire family loves to snuggle under. I've wanted to do a more complicated one for some time (even just a traditional patchwork seems more advance to me!), but I haven't found the time. But I can't pass a quilt shop without going in to look through the sale bin of fat quarters! Great post!


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