Kamiak Butte: This is the Palouse

Kamiak Butte:

We live at the southern foot of Kamiak Butte, one of the highest points in our area. The butte is a state park, and is great for hiking and a bird's eye view of the rolling hills of the surrounding countryside.

The state park is well-maintained with campsites, picnic tables and playground equipment.

Our family frequently takes the 3.5 mile Pine Ridge Loop, with the summit about 1.5 miles from the trailhead, between Mother's and Father's days.

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  1. Hi Cathy: Love your photos. We have fields of canola also in our farming zones (Alberta). When in blossom, these fields can take your breath away. I grew up on a farm; my dad was into mixed farming so we had a variety of grain fields, cattle, hogs, chickens, etc. Busy, busy.

    Good luck in your writing adventure. Enjoy the journey. I was published by Omnific which was terrific. But I think the process of writing the story was almost spiritual.

  2. Simply gorgeous. You're introducing us to a beautiful state! You make me want to take a road trip your way :-)

  3. What a beautiful area! I'm from Southern Oregon, so I can appreciate the view.

    Enjoy the challenge. I love meeting new people!

  4. Beautiful! One of these days I'd love to visit your area of the world - so pretty :)

  5. Lovely! I have never been to Kamiak Butte but, have been to Pullman many times. One of our daughters wen to WSU for a while. We are up in the PNW, north of Seattle so it is almost like two different worlds! :) I am so glad you decided to visit my blog and comment today. I will be following you. Oh, and a librarian? Really? I worked for the WCLS for a couple years but, as a page. :) Books=love! :)

  6. Hi Cathy, so pleased to meet you. Thank you for visiting me yesterday. What a coincidence that you are also a librarian! Beautiful photo and what a gorgeous place you are living in. Happy blogging in the April Challenge!


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