Elberton: This is the Palouse


Elberton is basically a deserted "town," originally with a population of 500, but now about 10. Its so-called mayor, John Elwood, has been known for making dulcimers and canjos. He makes the canjos from empty tins of Washington State University's world famous Cougar Gold Cheese.

Click for a video of John playing his canjo.
Click for a Seattle Times article about John, Elberton and the canjos.

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  1. i guess everybody knows everybody in that town. lol....great instrument...:)

  2. Loved the little video and the sound of that canjo is wonderful! I've traveled through Washington State a couple of times, and I think it's beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog for the A-Z Challenge!

  3. This is a great photo. I love seeing that dog jump so high. Great theme as well. I love learning about other parts of the country. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Good luck with the Challenge.

  4. Sounds like a great place and love that canjo!

  5. What a fabulous picture and that canjo is incredibly cool.

    atozchallenge Dragondreamer's Lair

  6. Wow... Scared me for a minute. I thought everyone left town and then I realized your post wasn't about Elberton, GA. Your town looks alot more laid back!!! Enjoyed reading about it.


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