Dusty: This is the Palouse


Our area is very dusty in the summer. There are a lot of "back roads," all of which are unpaved gravel. We live on a gravel road off the main highway.

When it's hot and dry, dust gets kicked up when you drive down a gravel road. Harvest also creates dust. Combines stir up tons of it as they chop through the wheat and then spit chopped straw and chaff out the back end, having sifted the wheat from the chaff.


  1. Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for visiting me up on Haliburton Hill. I'm so glad I stopped by here to experience life in the country. That's a beautiful part of the world you live in. I also took a quick look at your Enneagram posts from last year. I've read about this and find it fascinating. I'll be looking further at those posts. Nice to "meet" you.

  2. I hate to think of losing a librarian. I teach 5th grade and our school librarian is a treasure. I'm happy that you're following your heart and going down the writing road.

  3. I am jealous of you on so many levels :) You get to spend your days with books and kids, you get to retire soon and you have grandchildren. Oh, and you live in a place that's not 175 degees in the shade. Seriously, though, your pictures are gorgous. I think it's so wonderful that you live on land that's been in your husband's family for so long. Your area of the world is beautiful and I'm going to love following your challenge. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it is much appreciated!

  4. Hi Cathy, I remember traveling down dusty roads to get to my mom's home place when I was kid.

  5. I grew up in southeast Idaho right in the middle of farmland. I understand dust. Loved your pictures. It's nice to meet you on the challenge.

  6. My grandparents farm outside of Atlanta could be very dusty in the hot Southern summers. I remember when the cow pond was almost completely dry some summers. Then there were the wet times when the Church up the road used the pond for baptisms. I think if I were about to be baptized I'd of been praying for a drought!


  7. Cathy,
    Cool photo. I am enjoying learning about where you live!


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