Crop Duster: This is the Palouse

Crop Duster

Area farmers rely on ag planes, or crop dusters, to apply fertilizers, and sometimes fungicides and pesticides, to our crops.

Unfortunately, this crop duster didn't make it far off the runway, but flipped over on takeoff.

The pilot wasn't hurt, but it did put his employer's business into a pinch. It was a very busy time of year (spring) for spraying, and now the business owners were minus one ag plane. (I happened by this scene in 2009.)

The business owners were able to rent another airplane while this one was being fixed. The work still got done and no income was lost.


  1. Good crop duster story!

    Welcome to the Challenge!

    A to Z Challenge Host

  2. Well, if a plane is going to flip, it's best done on the ground. Amazing picture!

  3. I had to laugh at myself...I thought that plane was upside down and then though, nah! So glad I wasn't wrong or my eyes and I would have been really needing a check up!

    Good one on the Palouse!

  4. Aw...sad! What a photo, though!


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