Appaloosa: This is the Palouse


The Appaloosa horse breed originated in the Palouse region of southeastern Washington and northern Idaho with the Nez Perce Indian tribe around 1877.

Many people still live on farms and own horses in the Palouse. When my husband and I were raising our kids, our girls were big into horses. We owned four--three quarter horses and an Arabian--but never an Appaloosa.

The Appaloosa Horse Museum is located in Moscow, Idaho.


  1. I had no idea the Appaloosa was a Native American breed.

  2. Glad you joined again this year, I had fun following you last year during the challenge.

  3. Beautiful photo, great start to the challenge. I'll enjoy following the A to Zs here, I can tell!

  4. Thoroughly enjoying your posts. I started scrolling through and found this one! I love Appaloosas! Back in my teens, I had horses and they were Appaloosas. Actually what drew me to them originally is that they were a Native American breed. Ahh...beautiful!


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