The Rhythm of Life: Spirituality Book Review

The Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly: Living Every Day with Passion & Purpose

I confess, I am virtually always reading a book on spirituality or self-help. I'm not a regular church-goer, and so these books help to nourish the soul. Matthew Kelly was, if I am correct, a Catholic priest, or studying to be one. He apparently crosses the globe with his message.

It's true that the overall message in the books I read is often remarkably similar, however each author has their own unique way of expressing it. I discovered that Matthew Kelly's Rhythm of Life, and all of his books on spirituality, were self-published. I also discovered that his publisher has sold over 800,000 of his books. It's apparent that Kelly's message resonates with people.

He's big on finding balance. He believes people should have a dream and go after it wholeheartedly, but also not to neglect other very important aspects of life, such as relationships. No big surprise there, eh? He writes at length about what life's important aspects are, besides relationships.

Because the book is so meaty, I couldn't begin to do justice to reviewing it in a short blog post. But here are a couple of quotes that particularly resonated with me at this exact moment in my life:

If you listen to a great public speaker, you will discover that the way that person pauses is as powerful as the words he or she speaks. It is true also in life. The rests are as important as the activity. The silence is as important as the noise. The rest makes the activity more powerful and efficient. The silence makes the noise more meaningful. Walt Whitman once wrote, “I loaf and invite my soul.” Loafing opens the heart and mind to allow peace and tranquillity to flow in. We all need a time to relax and listen to the voice within, the voice that reveals the truth that makes us free. Leisure increases the richness of life. The wise make time to loaf. In this modern age obsessed with noise and movement, we seem incapable of relaxing. Take it easy.             ....
Our lives have a habit of gathering a momentum of their own, plunging forward, with or without our consent. Learn to slow down and access life. Take your foot off the accelerator and look about and within. Slow down. Breathe deeply. Reflect deeply. Pray deeply. Live deeply. Otherwise you will spend your life feeling like a bulldozer chasing butterflies or a sparrow in a hurricane.

The last sentence contains two particularly apt metaphors about our modern, soulless lifestyles. His book delineates the solutions.

What are some of your favorite books on spirituality?

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  1. This sounds wonderful. Seems like a perfect book for all of us aspiring authors, huh?


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