Monday, December 12, 2011

DH Loved the Book

I said I’d report back when my hubbie finished my manuscript. Boy, that was taking a chance. What if he hated it, and I would need to confess to my handful of faithful readers that the story was a dud? (Or that he thought it was.)

Turns out, he loved it. He said that when he started reading it, he was pretty sure he would never be able to get into it, as he doesn’t read fiction and, to boot, it’s a teen romance. But it very quickly hooked him. Not only that, he laughed and cried in all the right places.

He said he thought it was a great book, and that it would make a great movie. Afterwards, he took me into his arms and teared up all over again as he started talking about specific scenes that made him cry. He added that, for my sake, he sure hoped it will sell.

So there it is. This marks a milestone in our 37-year marriage. I have always read and given him suggestions on sermons he’s written, for when he’s been asked to serve at religious conventions, but until now, he’d never read anything of mine.

As a result, it’s brought us closer together. That he took the time to read it validates me. We spent the weekend on Fidalgo Island in the San Jauns. When we took a walk along Green Beach, he vocalized more nostalgia, and a surprising openness to new possibilities, than I would’ve ever expected from him. In contrast my brain, which is normally troubled with all sorts of stressors, was blissfully empty and calm. 


  1. Okay... it is quite obvious, that not only does your MS rock, but so does your hubby! Good for him! And congrats on his approval. I seriously doubt I will let my husband read my stuff. He is impossible to please unless it's a Lamour western. (don't think I can pull that off.)

  2. HaHa! Well, you just write what you need to write, and someday he WILL be willing to read it. Especially when it's a published book. How could he not?

  3. Glad to hear that he liked it!


  4. I admire your courage. I let very few people read what I write. In fact, not a single member of my family has read more then the title of any of my WIP's. I guess I am afraid they will hate it.

  5. I love this. I haven't got my WIP to a point where DH gets to read it yet, but it makes me nervous to think about.

    Definitely good hubby points for his sincerity.

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  7. How wonderful!! It think it is fabulous that he is willing to share in this part of your life and offer such wonderful encouragement!

  8. This is a lovely, lovely post, Cathy! I'm so glad your husband loved the book! How wonderful to have such support!


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