Freedom Software for Temporary Internet and Social Media Disconnection

A writer friend was recently bemoaning her lack of discipline when it comes to writing. She leads an active life, like just about everyone on the planet.

But there are definite times each day when she ought to be able to get some serious work done on her manuscript. Those prime hours are when her kids are in school, all day on Monday through Friday. I almost get sick when I think about all the hours that could be used for writing, should I ever have that many hours available on a regular basis. (Do you hear my green-eyed monster of envy?)

So it's not a lack of time per se that's her problem. She correctly identified it as an inability to stop flitting about on the internet, visiting blogs and other social media sites. Of course there's nothing wrong with that. Except when it becomes procrastination, and little or no progress is made on the WIP.

But there is good news for people whose favored procrastination activities fall under this type of addiction.

With software called Freedom, available for PC and Mac users, you can tell the software to block your addiction for up to eight hours. Pretty cool, huh? I wish I had something that could keep me from reading books when I should be writing ...

Anyhew, Freedom sounds like great news, and a great way to control, if not to kick, your bad habit.

And gosh, now all of you people who have all day to write will be found at the head of the line, as far as output is concerned, leaving the rest of us in the dust.

Ah, well ... I do know that the underlying reasons for procrastination run a LOT deeper than the simple urge to get on the Internet during the time you've set for yourself to write. So, if you have this particular addiction, and you download Freedom and love, for a time, the Freedom that Freedom gives you, please be mindful of new ways that procrastination will begin to show up in your life, because, I guarantee it. It will.      

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  1. You are right, procrastination WILL show up in different ways. Believe me, I know! But sometimes I make the excuse that perusing the internet is research, inspiration, or help in getting the writing wheels oiled by reading up on tips--and before I know it, time has evaporated. So the Freedom software sounds good, but I don't think it will solve my problem--setting firm priorities, though, might :-)


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