Amazing E-book Success Story: Colleen Houck and the Tiger's Curse

With the rise of e-publishing and POD (print on demand), the publishing industry today really is in a brave new world. Brick and mortar bookstores are closing. Increasing numbers of people are getting their books electronically and reading them off various e-reader formats.

What I want to call to your attention today is the phenomenon of Colleen Houck.

Here is a Publisher's Marketplace announcement of a deal her agent made with a traditional print publisher after Colleen had originally, and very successfully, self-published her manuscript as an e-book:

Colleen Houck's self-published e-book TIGER'S CURSE, about a 350-year-old Indian prince cursed to spend eternity as a tiger and the Oregon high school girl who is destined to save him, to Cindy Loh at Sterling's new Splinter imprint, in a six-figure deal, in a pre-empt, in a three-book deal, to be published in 2011, starting with TIGER'S CURSE in January, by Alex Glass at Trident Media Group. (Publishers Marketplace)

She got this deal after spending $25,000 of her own money to self-publish The Tiger's Curse. As an e-book, it was the recipient of some extraordinary luck. Read the story below:

The article above directs readers to Colleen's amazing website, where readers can watch the book trailer, read Colleen's blog, discuss the book, download the first seven chapters, make a Tiger's Curse e-card, sign up for a newsletter and, should anyone love the book enough to want to, you can download Tiger's Curse wallpaper. (Although, what a great cover! Maybe not so bad as wallpaper?)

Colleen Houck is a marketing trailblazer, and definitely an indie author to watch.

A final note, you can now find this book everywhere ... Walmart bookshelves, you name it. Did I buy it for my library? Indeed I did, long before I knew of the very interesting story behind it. It was, after all, published by Sterling, an important traditional book publisher. So, ultimately, I guess I cannot say that we do not have self-published books on our shelves.  ; ) 


  1. This is a success story that definitely benefited from just the right timing.

  2. I just saw this book at Barnes and Noble yesterday and read what it was about. Looked really good. Cool to hear the story behind it.

  3. Intersting atory.
    Thanks for answering my question yesterday.

    Have a great weekend.



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