Managing Your Google Subscriptions Part I

I mentioned in my last post that I'd show readers how I manage my 600+ RSS Subscriptions in Google Reader. If you use Google Reader, down at the bottom of the Reader Page, on the left (see screen shot above), you'll see the phrase, "Manage Subscriptions." That takes you to a new page where you can do a number of things to streamline blog reading. 

The top of the new page looks like the screen shot below. The box to the right called "Change Folders" is where you do most of your work. When you open it, you get a drop down menu that allows you to Create New Folder or to select a folder you created at an earlier time.
There are other things you can do from this page as well. You can trash the blog, as long as you only RSS'd it. If you dropped your picture into the Followers widget, then in order to remove your picture from the blog, you need to go into your dashboard (if using Blogger) and delete it there.

Until you do that, your picture remains on the blog as a follower. I read recently (from Stina Lindenblatt, if I recall) that Blogger allows you to follow only up to 300 blogs this way, and so if you're getting close to that number, you might need to actually go in and start removing your picture from some blogs, in order to follow others.

I haven't reached that limit yet, and so all I've done is to stop following them at this level. Which means, when I go back to the blog reading page, that blog's subscription no longer appears as a blog that I'm subscribed to. But it does still show up on the Settings page, and it's very easy to resubscribe, should I want to.  

I like to corral everything into a folder, and so, as you can see above, I do have a folder called "00 No Longer Following." Though I dumped the subscription, and I am not receiving it in my Google Reader, if I were to go to Writing in Flow, my picture still shows up as one of Beverly Diehl's followers. Why did I follow her blog in the first place?

I suspect Beverly was part of Rach's Platform Building Crusade. As writers interested in building our own following, we were encouraged to follow each other. I'm happy to lend following support, but because Beverley Diehl writes erotica, and I have no interest in that, her blog's presence in my reader does not support my efforts to streamline blog reading. Nothing personal against Beverly!

You can also rename a blog. Because blogs are most often listed by the blog's official name, and I generally want to remember the person who writes the posts, I will often add his or her name to the blog title in the Rename option.

I promised to tell you how I actually name and organize my folders, so take a glance at the screen shot below, which I will further explain in my next blog post!


  1. Lots of useful info. Thanks. Now to make tine to try this.

  2. You are way more organize than I am. I really want a better system to streamline. I didn't know you could rename the blogs- that totally helpful!

  3. I'm learning from this! Thanks for walking us through the process. Need all the help I can get :-)

  4. I've just arranged all my subscriptions into alphabetical files, i.e. "A Blogs", "B Blogs", etc. :P Simple, but effective!

  5. Great Tips. I'm organized but not THAT much. I look forward to future posts.

    One thing though, you can follow more than 300 blogs because I follow way more than that.

  6. I love using Google Reader and have my subscriptions in folders by subject. I would love to be able to use the Google Followers widget (I know people love to see who follows their blog, and I know I do too) but when I do the blog is listed under "Blogs I follow" and when I place it into a folder it is on my reader list twice. It is always such a hassle to have to unsubscribe (from the dashboard) and resubscribe in the reader.

    I like how you used numbers on your list. I use different characters (to get the folder to be at the top of the list). Silly me never even thought to use numbers.


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