The End of a Challenge, and Was it Worth It?

I could keep you in suspense and answer the question at the end of the post, but I'll start with it instead. Was the A to Z Challenge worth the time and effort? Oh, yes it was. It was the best online experience I've had to date.

Why? I had the opportunity to blog about something that's been close to my heart for years, the Enneagram. I always wanted to post about it, but before the challenge, I'd never figured out a way that made sense.

 I was also happy to get a nibble of some new blogs and to begin to make new friends. As time goes on, I'll continue to visit their (your) blogs and strengthen connections. I acquired quite a few new followers as well, 73 who dropped their picture in the Followers widget. I wasn't aware of my Feedburner stats before the challenge, nor those who follow my blog through Google Reader, but I'm sure they've grown as well. I love that as I visit blogs I'm beginning to recognize many names and faces in the comments. Way cool.

So now it's May, and while I loved blogging about the Enneagram, it was a bit of a challenge to have posted almost every day (except Sundays). Several days, I posted more than once. Now, I'll return to my twice weekly blogging routine. Plus, I can blog about whatever I want, however there was so much interest in my Enneagram posts that I'm sure I'll continue to contribute new information about the subject that is endlessly fascinating to me.

Best of all, though, as far as the A to Z Challenge--there are now so many people I can visit and get to know better over time. Without the challenge, I wouldn't have known they (you) exist. It was the connections made that caused all the time spent to be more than worthwhile. And honestly, the month's worth of posts didn't take as much time as you might think. I think I spent about 40 hours collecting images, information, writing and then uploading posts and images. The time spent commenting on other people's blogs was about 16 hours.

In celebration of a very worthwhile challenge, and for everyone who made it through to the end, have a virtual cupcake with me ...


  1. Mmmm, cupcakes. Now I want a real one! :P

    Congrats on finishing, I managed too :) I am now in a state of post-A-Z collapse. I agree it was a great experience, though!

  2. I'd say the challenge was definitely worth it!

    I have an award for you HERE

  3. Thanks for the virtual cupcakes! You've created a great writing resource with your 26 days of Enneagrams so thanks for that, too.
    - Sophia.

  4. Yay, we made it! It was a cool experience. Thanks for the virtual cupcake.

  5. I had heard of Enneagrams before, but I didn't know much about them. Thank you for broadening my knowledge of them.

    I, too, made it to the end. Woohoo! My blog was basically wasted space until this challenge. I met you through it. I have subscribed to your post because your topic was unique, and I knew I would learn something.

    MM the Queen of English


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