The To-Do List

We’re told to start our books in medias res, or "in the middle of things" for our characters.
We write in medias res as well. 
This week, my husband and I helped to celebrate a grandchild's birthday on Monday. As a result, I was up late that night, exhausted as I drove 30 miles home. My husband took a different vehicle, as we started out in different towns.

The next morning, I needed to be at work by 8:00 am for an all-staff meeting. 
This coming Saturday, I'll be in Spokane with some writing friends at a SCBWI meeting. Sunday afternoon, we celebrate another grandchild's birthday.
Next week, I need to squeeze in a doctor appointment. The dentist appointment was last week. 
Next weekend, I'll be going with my daughters and grandchildren to Seattle for a mini-vacation.
The following weekend, the clan (35 or more of us) is celebrating my (step) mother-in-law's 70th birthday. 
The weekend after that, I'm in Western Washington again with some writing friends for the SCBWI-WW conference. 
In the next few days, I need to talk to my sister to make sure her biopsy was negative, and my dad to see how he's adjusting to recently moving in with my sister. I should see my mother again before she passes away. She's had Alzheimers for many years, and she is in her last days, but her body is stubbornly hanging on. It's heartbreaking to see someone who now has the mental capacity of ... ? I hate to even think it.

If the weather ever clears up, my husband and I want to take a weekend flight over Yellowstone Park, and also to see the Badlands, and Mt. Rushmore, some time in the next two months.
On the blogging front, I've signed up for the A-Z Challenge, which runs through April. It means I'll be posting 26 days that month! Yikes. I do have a delightful idea for it, that I've been working on, but I'm nowhere near ready to begin posting about it. Next Friday ... Same day as when I head off to Seattle with the grands. 
It's also a month where I'll be commenting on 109 of the 615 blogs (as of this moment) signed up for the challenge. I'm already following 100 or more of the blogs, due to Rach's Platform Building Crusade. I've peeked at 570 of the 615 and, so far, there are 109 new friends that I want to make in April. Or begin to make ... I've already RSS'd them and they are neatly organized in my Google Reader. Following them is the next step, and actually getting to know them all will take much longer. But my blogging goal for 2011 is exactly that ... to get to know people in the writing community, and particularly writers of YA fiction.

Then, after all that (plus my job), there's my writing, right? Where did time for that go? I do most of my writing on the weekends, with a tad each morning before work. I'm still involved in Holly Lisle's course, How to Revise Your Novel. If I weren't so busy in April, I could conceivably finish the course and my revision. 
Still, with everything going on in April, I will make every effort to create some time each day to write. I once read the simplest advice possible: First thing in the morning, take a look at your day, and find the time that isn't slated for anything. Use that time to write.
Or if all the time is booked, ask yourself, Do I really need to do everything on the list? If it really needs to be done, can it be done some other time? 
Above all else, Make Time to Write. Every Single Day.  

What are some of your time management strategies?


  1. I almost fainted at all the things you have to do next month. And I thought I was busy. ;)

    My time is divided into blocks. And each block is set aside for certain activities (e.g. blogging (either writing posts or commenting on posts), writing (fiction), beta reading, other writing activities (reading about writing, checking out forums and websites). This way other writing activities don't keep me from working on my novel.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I will bookmark this post and return to it if I become stressed at all this month. You are a superhero! I make lots of lists to stay organized, and keep calendars on my computer and the refridgerator, making changes and crossing things out as needed. It works sometimes :)

  3. I should never say I'm too busy again! Yikes, your plate is full :-) Do hope you get to make the trip to Yellowstone and the Badlands--been there and have great memories (and a few stories to tell)!


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