Five Places to Find the Latest Books in Your Genre

Where do you find the latest books to read? It might sound like a silly question, but as writers, we need to be well acquainted with what’s being published in our genre.

We need to know who’s writing it, what they’re writing about, and who’s publishing it. We need to read widely within in the genre, as well as reading outside the genre. You might or might not want to follow trends.

Either way, you need to know what the current trends are, so you don’t inadvertently write what’s already been done 500 times in the past two years. Or if you do plan to jump on the Trend Bandwagon, you need to make sure that yours is a totally unique slant.

So how do you find out what is currently being published? You can go to the following sites and find lists of forthcoming books.
  1. GoodReads 
  2. Shelfari
  3. Amazon is an excellent source. If you look up a book you liked, and then scroll down the page, you’ll see “Customers who bought this item also bought,” which often features 100 or more books that are similar to this book. Often, they're books that haven't been released yet. 
  4. Publishers Weekly: As a librarian and as a writer, the tool I like best is Publishers Weekly’s semi-annual lists. Twice each year, the list features all of the new releases by more publishers than you might imagine exist. Last week, the Spring 2011 Children’s Announcements edition was released. I use this 90-page, single-spaced list to buy books for my library. What I like most about this tool is its comprehensiveness. I can see at a glance each and every publisher’s list, broken down by age group. As a writer, I find it very helpful. (Listed alphabetically by publisher): A-C ; D-F; G-LM-Q; R-S ; T-Z .
  5. Last but not least, you can check out the New Books section @Your Local Library
Where do you find your information? Do you have sources of which I am unaware?


  1. Thanks for the list! I went to a conference last year where an agent asked everyone to come up with comparative titles--when I go again this year, I can be prepared thanks to this post!

  2. Thank you! I read too many classic sci fi writers and know that I need to read some contemporary stuff. Going to check some of these out now.

  3. Great list--and great reminder. I've overlooked some of these sources lately and need to get back to them. Thanks!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE goodreads.com :) I also enjoy getting "new releases" emails from Amazon and Borders.

  5. These are all resources I use and of course I get most of my recommendations and ideas these days from reading blogs!

  6. Friends. I'm luck to have two friends that I adore and who are very well read. If I need an idea, I talk with them. Also, I like YA, and so when I talk to my kids' friends, I always ask them what they are reading.

  7. Great idea. I really need to figure out goodreads. I have an account, but haven't done anything with it.


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