Writing Buddies Blog Carnival

Melissa at Writing with Style is having a Writing Buddies blog carnival. I thought it was a cute idea, and so I'M IN! Click the link (not the picture) for details.

My writing buddy, Moe, was a puppy when I started writing. She's now an eleven-year-old, outdoor farm dog, and while she doesn't keep me company while I write, she does accompany me on my four-mile jogs.

Moe is an Akita-Chow mix, and very much an Alpha dog with other animals, but sweet as can be with humans.


  1. He looks like such a wonderful dog and companion. I hope I can get another dog soon. I think I am finally ready. :-)

    Thanks so much for participating!

  2. What a great dog Moe is! Thanks for showing him off:)

  3. You have wonderful writing buddies!


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