Art Studios: Scrapbooking Room Perfection

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I got the unstoppable urge to totally revamp my Scrapbooking room. It was our son's bedroom when he was growing up, but I took it over after he left home. It was a writing room until 2003, at which time I took up scrapbooking.

After that, it was a shared Scrapbooking/Writing room, and soon it was too crowded for both. So I removed all things pertaining to writing and reading and moved them either to the basement or the storage room, which has allowed for perfect streamlining of the scrapbooking room.

Test-driving a layout. Yes, the new workstation arrangement makes a layout go together faster.

Layout #2. OH, this is fun!

I have 15 drawers full of non-themed embellishments, separated by color. Probably only a scrapbooker would be interested in seeing these drawers. If interested, click here.

And, of course, there is my laptop. I love being able to move it from station to station as I work and need to look at my plans. I fool around with my pictures on Microsoft Digital Image or Adobe Photoshop 8, and then drop them into Microsoft Publisher to see how they'll look in a two-page layout.


Today I Will by Jerry and Eileen Spinelli

Today I Will

Jerry and Eileen Spinelli
October 2009
Grades 5-8

I love quotes, and this book, written for children and young adults, inspires and amuses with a quote for each day of the year. Taken from children’s literature, the quotes are especially apt for youth. Following each is some advice from the authors, and an affirmation. They cover familiar issues such as staying in touch with grandparents, and finding other ways to occupy oneself besides TV. Perhaps some of the quotes will resonate so much with young readers that they’ll want to go on and read the book it was taken from. Though I bought this for the library, it’s not a particularly good library book, except in that readers who enjoy it might want to purchase their own copy, to read every day of the year.
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