Art Studios--Writing Room

This is the second room I re-conceptualized. This is what you see when you walk in. I removed the heavy red damask draperies and left only the valance. The room feels lighter. Plus, after having removed 12' of table space and six craft storage carts, not to mention supplies that filled three-8' shelves--you can imagine that it really opened up space in this room. There is still 8' of counter space (2-4' tables) under the window to collect bookish clutter.

The room is a library of sorts. There's a 5'x5' book shelf in the closet as well as 2-3'x5' book shelves and a 3'x3' book shelf and a 2'x4' book shelf. For the first time ever, I actually alphabetized the books on my Young Adult book shelf (but none of the others).

This isn't even a quarter of the books I own, alas. When you've been on the planet for a few decades as I have, and books are your passion, maybe even your mental illness, well--

We also have a storage room that has about 15 crates' full of books that I haven't found shelves for and 7-6' wide shelves full of books. All last week, I was weeding books at my library district's branches. I need to do some weeding at home as well.

The trouble is, it's hard to get rid of books I own. Is it hard for you? I've traded out boxes and boxes full of books over the years, but I still have too many. Some would argue that you can't have too many books. I like those people!

This is my writing area. I write every morning before work for at least an hour. I'm considering changing my schedule to enable two hours' worth of writing. It will mean going to bed earlier and getting up at 5:00 am instead of 6:00 am.

Do you have a writing room? A reading room? A home library? What's it like? Do you spend much time there?


  1. I love all the photos! Each room has a unique personality with a warm comfortable charm.

    I have a "nook" that emcompasses my bookshelves, my craft notions, a 6 foot crafting table (which also doubles as my writing desk) and a love seat. It is indeed cramped and "cozy"....but it is all mine and I love it :)

  2. Great photos. I have a very small library space since I moved last year but I love it. Someday I will have a whole room devoted to my books again!

  3. You have been really busy! Great job.


  4. Oh, I WISH I had a reading/writing room! For now, I do both in my bedroom or sitting on my couch. Sometimes at the kitchen table. I have a laptop for writing, and I love that, because I can write wherever. It would be very nice to have a real place to do my writing though. I can imagine it would help me to focus!

    Your library looks wonderful!


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