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A recent issue of Rock Paper Scissors: Studios inspired me to separate out my creative pursuits. Two passions, scrapbooking and writing, had been sharing a single, 9x15' room in our house. We have a five-bedroom home--Our three kids are grown, and so my husband and I now live with a lot of unused space. When the kids were growing up, it sometimes felt like there wasn't enough space. Now--well, he and I can be extravagant. I now have two rooms of my own.

This magazine inspired me. It's full of pictures of working artist studios. Studios of people who earn a living with their art, by teaching classes and by selling their works. It didn't give me any specific ideas, but it did give me the desire to see what I could with my spaces.

I spent 20 hours separating out the two creative interests. This is what I came up with for the scrapbooking room. I'll show you the writing room tomorrow. :)

One objective was to get everything possible OFF of valuable counter space. The 8' bookshelves are a great place for most of the supplies. The corner countertop on the right is the official painting/"distressing" area. (Distressing is a technique for the type of scrapbooking I like to do, called Shabby Chic--painting is not distressing!)

Another view of the same wall. I was happy that I could roll my portable embellishment carts under the desktop for storage when I'm not using them.

Paper and ribbon storage. The ribbons are held on 7-spring-tension rods that I put inside a 3'x3' book shelf. The book shelf is sitting on an 8'x3' table--more counter space! There was room for three rubber stamp storage carts under the table.

The final wall has another table, 4'x2' for more counter space. I didn't include a picture because a table is a table.

The room's dimensions are 9' x 11'.


  1. I love your new scrapbooking room! I enjoy scrapbooking so much but not having a room with everything organized definitely makes just getting ready to scrapbook a project in and of itself. I guess one of the good things about our children growing up is that we get to take over their former rooms!

  2. Ok - I am starting to salivate looking at all that ribbon and imagining the colorful papers and embellishments. I haven't scrapbooked in nearly two years but I will be shortly as I have to begin my daughter's album for her graduating open house in May.

    This issue of the magazine (of which I am unfamiilar) is definitely worth finding and scouring for ideas.


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