The Old Lewiston Grade: Books and Landmarks

The old Lewiston grade plays an important role in Sharon Creech's 1994 Newbery winning Walk Two Moons. If you haven't read the book, it's a classic, beautifully told middle grade story. Like so many stories in this genre, and even many Newbery winners, Mother has died, and the young protagonist must come to terms with her losses. It's a wonderful book, complete with that age group's oft used Appalachian setting and quirky characters. But this book comes to a surprising conclusion in Idaho, on the old Lewiston grade. 

The old grade was replaced a decade or two ago with the new one. For a while, the old grade went to rack and ruin, however my husband and I rode up it on our motorcycle on Sunday evening and discovered it's now in very good condition again. The old Lewiston grade is notable for hairpin corners--great fun on a motorcycle!

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  1. Very cool. This is like a book in 3D (4D if you count your MIP). I always find that book really makes an impact on me if I've actually visited the story's location.


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