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I've made a new friend with a woman who has a MA in Social Work. She's currently branching out from her job as a social worker, and creating her own private practice as a Life Coach. We're taking a seminar in Spokane together on Wednesday evenings. She drives down from Canada; I drive up from SE Washington; we meet in the middle. Our seminar ends the beginning of September.

As I am also very interested in the concept of coaching, if not actually becoming a part-time Life Coach (when I am a retired librarian, former nutritionist), RaNae and I have hit it off very well. We've had a number of coaching calls with each other.

Well, knowing what I know about coaching, I guess I couldn't technically call it that, because of the specificity of coaching techniques. But I would call it sharing and encouragement. We strive to empower each other. My goal is to do this with every soul I touch, in all of my conversations. For what other reason are we here on earth?

Sometimes when RaNae tells me about an insight she's had regarding her own behavior, I find myself saying, "RaNae, you are a classic Enneagram Six. You've got to read some Enneagram books to further your self-awareness." [Besides the fact that it will help her cut to the chase in her coaching.]

Then she comes back with, "Cathy, you've got to read Martha Beck. I know you've read some great books on coaching (I emailed her the titles), but Martha Beck is the female guru of Life Coaching. You've got to read her!"

So I took RaNae up on her challenge. I ordered three of Martha Beck's books. I am very excited to read them, and to blog about what I learn. Apparently The Joy Diet is a plan that people can follow together. Perhaps I'll share it with you all in a weekly meme, although I'm not making any promises until I take a look at the book.

Why are books like these of value to people?
Are you living your ideal life?

I'm currently living a life that is as close to my ideal as is possible, without making a huge shift. But I am also working hard toward making that shift possible. It's putting an enormous burden on me at this time, but I believe the results will be worth it. Books like these help me not only to understand the precise target I want to hit, but they give me ways of strategizing the route toward it.

They give me ways of coping with the things I can't change, for the time being. Or they encourage me to define the small things that I can change, that would make a big difference in my ability to cope, until I have my ideal life. It's very worth it to me! Perhaps the older one gets, the more necessary and valuable it becomes, to define one's Life Purpose, and to work toward achieving one's North Star.

We are all put on earth to contribute to the well being of each other, and of the planet, in a way that is unique to us. So, you're probably wondering, if you don't already know, what shift I am working toward. I want to be a publishing writer of YA fiction.

Yet when I first wrote this post (this is my third pass at it), I neglected to say it. Why? I feel, or have felt, that it's hubrus to state such a thing. Who do I think I am, anyway? But other relatively ordinary people are doing it. Why not me? Am I taking my writing seriously? You bet I am. I am currently working so hard on it that other areas of my life are suffering as a result. I need to figure out a strategy to get it all back in balance.


  1. "But I would call it sharing and encouragement. We strive to empower each other. My goal is to do this with every soul I touch, in all of my conversations. For what other reason are we here on earth?"

    Just wanted to let you know that you share and encourage and empower me. I am so appreciative.


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