Art Studios: Scrapbooking Room Perfection

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I got the unstoppable urge to totally revamp my Scrapbooking room. It was our son's bedroom when he was growing up, but I took it over after he left home. It was a writing room until 2003, at which time I took up scrapbooking.

After that, it was a shared Scrapbooking/Writing room, and soon it was too crowded for both. So I removed all things pertaining to writing and reading and moved them either to the basement or the storage room, which has allowed for perfect streamlining of the scrapbooking room.

Test-driving a layout. Yes, the new workstation arrangement makes a layout go together faster.

Layout #2. OH, this is fun!

I have 15 drawers full of non-themed embellishments, separated by color. Probably only a scrapbooker would be interested in seeing these drawers. If interested, click here.

And, of course, there is my laptop. I love being able to move it from station to station as I work and need to look at my plans. I fool around with my pictures on Microsoft Digital Image or Adobe Photoshop 8, and then drop them into Microsoft Publisher to see how they'll look in a two-page layout.


  1. Oh my dear, You are the envy of every person who scrapbooks. Talk about organization! And all the work space. Good golly!
    My scrabooking stuff shared a room with sewing and crafting, it works for me most of the time.
    I would't mind more work space though.

    Have fun.


  2. I am so so soooo jealous of your scrapbooking room!! I've been a scrapbooker in past years, but I literally have no where to do it. I've always relied on retreats and stuff, but I haven't had a chance lately.

    Again, jealous. :) But glad those rooms exist out there!

  3. Emily, I can tell from your blogs that you're a creative person! Lots of people end up doing digital scrapbooking due to lack of space. You can actually make some astounding layouts digitally, but I like to get my hands inky or paint-y, and I love thick, layered pages, so that's not entirely for me. I'd like to email you but your email doesn't work on your profile page. Would you please email me at mine? Thanks

  4. Wow ... I mean WOW!!! That is the most fabulous work space I have ever seen!

  5. What a great work space, Catherine! My mom does card making and she would be totally jealous of your ribbon center... (and everything else!) ;) Heck, I'm jealous of it and I don't do much in the way of craftiness (yet!)...

  6. Well, no need for anyone to be jealous :) It's been a long time coming. Thanks everyone for taking a look! It is where I go to get away, that's for sure.


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