Flying Adventure: Sandpoint, Idaho, November 2009

From now until next spring, our flying days are severely limited, alas. These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago. We flew to the resort town of Sandpoint, Idaho, for the afternoon. The weather wasn't so great, and so we pulled our mini-bikes out of the luggage compartment, pedaled into town (2 miles from the airport), ate lunch at Spuds, did a bit of gawking along touristy Main Street, and then hurried back before the weather crapped out and we couldn't fly home again.

I ordered the Sonoma Sandwich special, which was soooooo good. Hubby had the Spicy Steak sandwich special. He said it was maybe the best sandwich he'd ever eaten.

Hubby built our airplane. It's a Van's RV-7 (which he'll be painting it this winter). It cruises between 180-210 mph. The flight took about an hour. We tucked our collapsible mini bikes back into the luggage compartment, and away we flew.


  1. Oh, how much fun! My dad had a little Cessna when I was growing up, and we used to do stuff like that. That food looks heavenly, and of course you earned it by riding your bikes (hope you counted that riding time towards your 100 miles!) Glad for you to join (not so) Wordless Wednesday!

  2. Oh, I forgot to count that. Have you finished your 100 miles?

  3. Yes! I blew by it early this week. I think so far I am at 111. We'll see, with the holidays and junk, where I will ultimately end up.


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