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I found this cool website: Typealizer. You drop in a blog or website URL and it analyzes the writer's personality through the words on their blog. It comes up with a Myers Briggs type. Well, I typed my blog and several of the blogs I read regularly and discovered those people were writing pretty much how I thought they were, regarding what I supposed their Myers Briggs personality types would be.

I was disappointed to see that I write like an ISTP, but that's okay. I probably am, or do come across, as an ISTP. I'm a fixer. I'm a problem solver. I'm adventurous. Well, compared to my hubby, not so much. But I am always eager to go along for the ride. I love flying 220 miles per hour in the airplane he built almost as much as he does.

But I for darned sure do not want the main character in the book I am currently writing to have an ISTP personality. An ISTP would never react the way my character needs to react, given the the person I want her to be, and the whole heap of trouble I'm going to allow her to walk into.

So I created a new blog and dropped in the first 15 pages. Sent it into the blogosphere, did the Typealizer reading--and got the personality style that I had hoped I was creating for Crystal. She is the ESFP that I was designing her to be. Yay!

Then I quickly locked the blog up again ... I might "test drive" my scenes from time to time to make sure my word choices are staying true to the ESFP spirit ... but it ain't ready for anyone's eyes yet other than my fantastic critique partners.

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